May 19, 2010

Jo Mac Road, Chapel Hill, NC

     Before The Wiley Fosters, there was a rock and roll band called "The Alcazar Hotel".  We had been practicing, and our friend Brian Risk was hanging out with us.  I didn't play anything in the band, just sang and jumped around.

      After the practice, we were all hanging out.  The drummer and I had originally met when we both lived in Mississippi and played in the juke joints.  When I picked up The Alcazar Hotel guitar player's Les Paul, we started jamming on the old music we used to play.  Brian was outside when he heard us, started the recorder on his phone, and walked into the house.  

     I think Brad and I were both surprised how fun it was to play that style of music again, and how kinda-okay we actually sounded.  At the end of the track, you can hear someone say, "That's the most guitar I've played in fucking years."

     Two days later we went to see Lightening Malcolm and Cedric Burnside play their 2-piece Mississippi style at Papa Mojos, and the idea of the Wiley Fosters began.  

Mr Tater, William, Brad

2-Stick, Oxford, Mississippi